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3dsmax is the other complete 3d application from autodesk.

Release 2019.3:

Improved Alembic exchange support with Maya, improvements in OSL shader editor, faster Revit import and other fixes.

Release 2019:

Autodesk implemented the Arnold renderer in 3ds Max called MAXtoA. As they did it for Maya, it only contains an interactive version, batch renderings will render with a watermark if no additional license is found. But there is still the default scanline renderer, as well as the Autodesk Cloud rendering, ART (Autodesk Raytracer) renderer (targeted at users coming from Revit, Inventor or others). And finally they have the Quicksilver Hardware renderer which operates on GPU and CPU. A very interesting point is the availability of OSL texture shaders (no materials) in default 3ds Max. 

Release 2017:

Like other software packages, 3dsmax gets a partially new UI to enable the work with high resolution displays. It has some minor improvements in workflow and like Maya it has a direct interaction with Autodesks Stingray Engine. It seems that the develpers now try to share work for all packages because 3dsmax now has heatmap and voxel skinning like Maya.

3dsmax now has a new easy to use renderer called ART. It is a physically based renderer for fast visualisation. And the old scanline renderer is still available and can use now up to 128 cores.

Like in Maya, the close integration of mentalray is gone. You can install 3dsmax without it now. It seems that the MentalAera is over.

Release 2016:

Current release 2013:

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Last update: 01.2021

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