Enscape is an realtime renderer which immediately updates all geometry changes, texture updates. It is a really nice tool for achitects and designer to have a fast realistic feedback. It supports raytraced effects, dof, volumetric fog, blooming and it has a more sketchy look option called "paper mode" which shows the geometry outlines in cases where the client should concentrate more on the geometry/architecture than on the nice image.

Have a look at the demo movie on the website. It offers a really nice time saving workflow for a low price.

Releases up to 2.4:

It is not easier and faster to make videos. The result can be shared via cloud to clients which can view the result in a browser. A whole bunch of premade assets are now available.

Release 1.6:

The user can now set the exposure manually to match real world camera settings like ISO, aperture and shutter speed. The control over clouds has been improved to create better looking skies. With the LightView you can see your image with color coded lux values. In the walk mode it is possible to change height so that the view e.g. from a childs POV can be simulated. A smoothing of the flythrough translation helps to get a nicer movement. The startsceen can be modified what can be really helpful if you are doing presentations for clients. The new release lets you use XBox controller or the SpaceMouse to move through your buildings.


Last update: 01.2021

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