finalRender is a advanced render system from cebas , the developers of pyrocluster and thinking particles, that offers a lot of good tools to optimize global illumination for stills and animation. The have a very good and flexible system to ouput any pass you want.

Current Release finalRender drop 2:

It seems that Cebas dropped the support of all other DCC software except 3dsMax. But the update is intersting. In their hybrid techology, they use the GPU and/or CPU to speed up rendering. If I understand it right, they have a biased and unbiased path tracer as well as unlimited network rendering, an interesting option. As other renderers they have a random walk subsurface scattering. FinalRender supports spectral rendering what is supported only by very few renderers. Of course, as all others, the famous Optix denoiser from NVIDIA can be used for denoising images.



Last update: 01.2021

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