Even if it is a very interesting renderer, it seems that the product is perfect since several years because there is no update since 2015 and we have now January 2019.

FluidRay is based on the free Intels Embree raytracing kernel which offers high speed access to optimized raytracing techiques. It is a real time renderer ( I suppose that's wat RT means) but without GPU, it's CPU only what is cool because that means the usual limitations of a GPU do not apply here. They offer a free 30 day testversion without limits, a good thing. Meanwhile they offer a large range of cool features. It has spectral rendering, it supports OSL what is a supergenius feature because you can use all your OSL shaders, it has volumetric rendering and can render heterogenous media (e.g. fluid volumes), media and lights cam be created with OSL as well. That's a very promising renderer.

Release 1.2.0 from September 2015:

FluidRay now has a Modo integration.



Last update: 01.2021

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