Krakatoa is not a full range renderer but is specialized on rendering particles as volumes or soft particles.

Krakatoa is very famous for its volumetric particle rendering. Often the renderings are as fast as lightning including shadows and beautyful diffuse volumetic scattering. On vimeo, you can see some examples of rendering fluids with krakatoa. With the possibility of using multiple particle exports, partitions, you can render a huge amount of particles with this renderer. One problem is that occuding geometry has to be translated to the renderer and that these occluders are quite weakley antialiased. If you have a software which creates deep shadow maps, like the free renderman, you can use these deep shadow maps to create occluding and shadow casting objects.

They can read a broad range of particle files, not only prt, but Lidar scan data, Realflows bin files or .E57 files, whatever this is.

Release MY/SR 2.0.2 :

With krakraoa for maya and the standalone version the possibilities are now almost unlimited. With the standalone version which includes the python and c++ api, users can implement their own translator and maybe include a partio loader or naiad particle loader.

Release MX 2.0:

They now support hair rendering and is able to render particles generated by Chaos Groups phoenix FD. Very interesting improvements.


Last update: 07.2016