Since the product belongs to Bentley it is much harder to find any feature list or release notes. That's the reason why it still shows 2015 are last release.

The software comes from e-on software the producers of the vue and ozone software. Very interesting and good packages for creating virtual landscapes. e-on was aquired by Bentley Systems, so it is now everything a Bentley product.

This rendering software seems simply to use precalculate illumination and save a proprietaray format. The files will contain a executable which enables you to walk though the final illuminated scene. Following the informations on the website there is no way to modify things in the final executable. So this is not a new technique and we already have seen products for architectural visualisation in which you can modify anything in realtime without precalculation. Anyway, the product is aimed at architects which want to do a fast visualisation of their buildings including the possibiliy to send their customers a self executing file. They try to enable the user to easily populate the scenery with vehicles, plants or people.

Release 2015.5:

It is now faster, PlantFactory support and improved as well as additional 3d integration plugins.

Release 4:

A lot of new features are now implemented into Lumen most tartedted to architects who want to simulate their designs. Lumen can now use any lights and assign IES profiles to them. MicroStation support is implemented as well as Autodesk Revit. Additionally the imports format list now supports 3ds, Collada, fbx. The handling of large scene files has been improved.



Last update: 01.2021

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