Modo is a full features 3d software with advanced tools for rendering, simulation and modeling. Luxology was aquired by the Foundry back in 2012 and made a good way since then. It is fully packed with features allowes 3d party renderes but it as it's own nice renderer which supports all modern render features as much as I know. I could not find a decent feature list, but I'm still searching.



Release 13:

They added Radeon ProRender renderer as alternative render engine. The builtin renderer supports Nividias raytracing framework.

Release 601:

In this release luxology implemented bullet dynamics and tools for character animators. Rendering is improved with impressive volumetric rendering possibilites as well as with render booleans and hair and skin shaders.

Since September 2012, luxology offers a Non Photorealistic Rendering kit (NPR) for modo. With this tools you can create cartoon style rendierings or other graphical effects. Threre exist a very interesting plugin for maya which creates a connection to modo and lets the maya users render directly with modo, really cool tool.

Current Release 501:

The newest release 501 has a gain some interesting new features. Renderspeed has been improved and they support stereo rendering with some improvements so that the second stereo image renders much faster than a normal rendering.

Modo started as a modeling tool only. But step by step they integrate more and more functions to build a complete 3d package. Until now they offer word class modeling, advanced rendering and some basic animation possibilities.



Last update: 01.2021

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