Ocean Light Simulator is a ray-tracing software. It computes light radiated across a CAD scene, using laws of geometric optics.

It generates physically true, predictive virtual images for engineering applications, and computes radiometry data, such as radiance or illuminance mappings. Physical true means that Ocean is a full spectral renderer which enables you to use features like polarisation, accurate light profiles with spectra.

The target audience for this renderer seems to be architects who want to simulate light behaviour under real conditions. The goal is to give designers a tool in which they can simulate a product or building under real conditions, add some post effects and export the result as a final image. The simulations can be used to do further product development. It is expensive, but it can save a lot of product iterations to find a final look.


Release 2016:

Up to 40% speed increase for simulation (other call it rendering). The material system now gets a modular BSDF model. New post processing possibilities. New physical sky based on the Hosek-Wilkie model. A new API mode is avalailable to embed Ocean into 3rd party applications such like Maya, or 3dsMax.


Last update: 01.2021

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