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Refractive software was aquired by Otoy, a cloud services firm. This can be interesting because at Otoy there are some smart people like the famous Paul Debevec, inventor of HDRI lighting principles. The Octane team now has some more ressources to develop their tools.

A long time since the last infos, and as we supposed, Otoy pushed Octane and we have a very cool release with version 3.0 now. Octane can do full spectral rendering what results in correct light spectra and exact display of colors and shaders for technical purposes like product design or architecture.

Octane is an unbiased renderer. Unfortunately they moved the release of OSL for Octane to one of the next releases. This step will again a huge one because one important feature for production renderers it the possibility to use your own shaders. And with OSL you can switch beween renderers like Appleseed, Renderman, Vray or Octane without a complete rework of your shaders.

OTOY offer a way to render in the cloud what can be a huge advantage. Via Lua scrpting you can automate a lot of procedures in the standalone version.

Release 3.0:

This is a big realease which will push Octane into the VFX and full CG movie industry. Have a look at these new features:

Release 1.2:

Octane now has some interesting improvements:

Release 1.1:

Bloom and Glare are now available. A new daylight system has been implemented, HDRI importance sampling to get a somoother result, shadow catchers and orthographic cameras are now available.

Release 1.0 final:

Very interesting: The renderer is implemented as a plugin renderer for most premium 3d applications like 3dsmax, maya, softimage, lightwave, cinema4d.

Release 1.0 beta2.46b:

3dsmax plugin released. There are a few constraints. e.g. it seems that you cannot manipulate the geometry after sending to the renderer because the current workflow moves the geometry to the GPU and modifies buids a acceleration structure there. That means any geometry manipulation would require a new translation. They have some impressive videos about the workflow on youtube, have a look at it.



Last update: 01.2021

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