Redshift is a biased GPU accelerated renderer. Sounds interesting, because most GPU renderers are unbiased. Redshift supports out of core renering what means it can render scenes which do not fit into GPU ram. It has no possibility to develop your own shaders via API but it comes with a good set of builtin shaders like car paint, sss, round corners, hair shader, skin shader and others. It supports non physical lights like point, spot, and directional lights.


Release 2.0:

Version 2.0 brings open VDB volume rendering, a great step forward. Nested dielectrics are supported, BSDF's are improved with advanced shading models (ggx, beckman). Baking is supported and - really cool - alShaders are supported. This way the useres who use Arnold with alShaders now can switch to Redshift without reshading.




Last update: 07.2016