SolidIris concentrate a lot on the development of the Presto render engine. It is an interactive raytracer and it is fast. Have a look at the sketchup demo video, that's really nice. It supports instancing, voumetric rendering and sss. It uses the same material compositing system as the other rendering engines.

Release 1.5:

The Presto CPU/GPU engine is grown up. It can do subsurface scattering, instancing, motionblur, displacement mapping.

Release 1.2:

Thea has a new rewritten rendering engine called Presto running entierly on the GPU. It is designed for fast interactive rendering. Thea introduces FieldMapping for better indirect lighting evaluation.

Release 1.1:

thearender now offers a direct connection plugin for 3dsmax and sketchup. Here the renderer can be used like a normal built in render engine and simplfies the workflow a lot.

thearender offers a biased as well as an unbiased rendering approach. There is a fully functional watermarked demo mode where you can test everything. Still no maya plugin available yet.



Last update: 01.2021

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