XRT is a free rendering system which implements the Gelato API. Based on Gelato, it implements Rib functionality and already a lot of features. It suppots mutlithreading, a shading library, plugins. It supports shading networks (cool one!) and primitive variables what is an extremly useful feature. With this you can simply add variables to a geometry and use them for shading similiar to vex shading in houdini. XRT has transformation motion blur, area lights, indirect illumination and CSG. It supports point primitives (particle rendering), curve primitives (hair rendering), polygons, nurbs and blobbies an subdivision surfaces. Unfortunatly there is no 64bit version of this great renderer yet. So we will have to wait a bit until we see an maya implementation. Let's hope the renderer will grow fast.

Release 2.4.4 and previous ones:

XRT now supports OSL, a great thing. It does not strictly follow the OSL definition because OSL normally does not have light shaders which are supported in XRT. XRT does not have closures what means your are not limited to a set of preimplemented lighting models and it has some additional ray tracing shade ops. The OSL integration has been improved over several minor releases.

Release 2.1.0:

Output of rib files, faster rib parsing.


Last update: 01.2021

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