Bunkspeed Shot/Shot Pro




Shot and Shot Pro replace the well knowed Hypershot product. It is targeted at users who want a very fast interactive visualisation solution to get a high quality representation of their products. The rendering software is based on Nvidias Iray. That makes it less interesting for 3dsmax users who get Iray  for free with their DCC. And of course it runs on CPU and GPU because Iray runs on both. What users are in focus will become clear if you have a look at the downloads for plugins which support Pro Engeneer, Alias Studio and Rhino. The price of Shot Pro too is aimed at a very professional customer is it about $3500.

The company seems to prepare somthing quite new soon (September 2015) as much as I heard. The last news are quite old.

Release 2012.5:

Round corner shader is implemented as well as metallic flakes and 3d raytraced motion blur and render passes.


Last Update: The renderer does not exist under it's old name any more. It now is part of Solidworks visualisation tools, and it seems that is is not really a standalone/plugin production renderer any more.


Last update: 01.2021

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