Nvidia stops development of Gelato, and Larry Gritz (the primary developer) has left NVidia.

The renderer will not be further developed by Nvidia. It seems this is because they aquired mental images with mentalray some months ago. So they have two high end renderer in the same company what would waste a lot of development resouces.

Now we hope that they opens mentalray fast for effective hardware rendering.

One great sideeffect of this step is that Nvidia offers Gelato now for free! Get it and try it, its cool!

Gelato is a standalone renderer. According to the producers, it is a high level renderer that offers all modern features like a fast rerendering system via sorbetto, curve and point primitives. There are plugin connections to 3dsmax (amaretto) and maya (mango). The cool thing is that there is a free version that is limited in a few options, but you can test it.

Gelato tries to use the Nvidia graphics hardware to speedup rendering. That is a way all renderers will go in the near future, but Gelato is the first one that uses the graphics hardware exessivly.

Unfortunatly to use the pro version and render with the pro version, you need a QuadroFx board. That means you have to spend some money for an good graphics board. This leads you into areas where other highend renderers are available. This will change quite fast because the development of graphics board is a quickly changing and will lead gelato to interesting results.


Last update: 01.2021

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