This is new! A webbased rendering system. You upload your models and render in collaboration with others directly on the web. Let's see how it will work in the future. The results look very promising and the feature set of the renderer looks as if it could be a real professional solution. It supports volumetric rendering, subsurface scattering, global illumination as well as depth of field. Lagoas MultiOptics (TM) renderer is a progressive path tracer. The goal is to be as physically correct as possible. The buitlin material can use measured materials.


Release 3.0:

Cannot find any release notes.

Release 1.5:

Added physical sun and sky. Material blending is supported. Now you can do background rendering. You can even show your scene to the public by embedding it with a url.

Release 1.0:

Lagoa now supports very nice physically based hair rendering, realtime bump map feedback and HDR environment lights.


Since 2014 Lagoa belongs to Autodesk and now it faces the same fate as others: It will be removed from the market. It seems that Autodesk want to improve their own portfolio with the Lagoa technology.


Last update: 01.2021

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