MetropoLight is a simple freeware global illumination rendering program that uses the Metropolis Light Transport algorithm to render images. MLT is a Monte Carlo method for solving the light transport problem. It is inspired by the Metropolis sampling method in computational physics. In short, a sequence of light transport paths is generated (based on Monte Carlo Markov Chain sampling) by randomly mutating a single current path. The probability density of visiting each path is proportional to its contribution to the final image. This algorithm has the particularity to be unbiased and can be orders of magnitude more efficient than previous unbiased approaches. It is highly recommended for complex and delicate indirect lighting I developed this small rendering project to study and to familiarize with this new approach in random walk global illumination algorithms. Although some additional features will be progressively implemented to complete the project, MetropoLight doesn't claim to become a sophisticated renderer. It just has to be considered as an experimental rendering tool.

Unfortunatly I could not find the homepage again either it is gone or they have a problem with the homepage.

Okay, after some months of no-connection to the website, I now move the renderer to the graveyard.



Last update: 01.2021

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