Relight now (10. September 2011) supports the manipulation of mi files. It renders with mentalray and you can use the Relight pipeline and shaders to manipulate your scene. This way it serves as a frontend for MentalRay.

The Bakery offers a rendering and relighting system. They offer a free compositing package as well. ReLight is designed to get a very fast feedback even with heavy scenes, you can work interactively.

ReLight is a REYES renderer, so it may be necessary to make some optimisations to render heavy scenes with raytracing like level of detail blending. Like other Renderman compliant renderers, ReLight uses point clouds for indirect lighting calculations, so it has the same advantages like no flickering during animation and a fast calculation. I dont know anything about the price yet, but I hope it can compete with 3delight and prman.

Some very interesting features are volumetric rendering, they are able to use maya fluid caches to render even with shadow maps, as well as their own hair and fur tool. So you can easily combine fur and volumetic rendering what is often a problem.

The tool is really a professional tool because if you want to integrate it into your production pipeline it will need some work, but it may be worth the time.

Have a look at the demo videos on link:youtube .


Relight is a very interesting tool. If you open it you will be confused because it does not really follow some interface standards. But the concept is a good one. It concentrates on shading and lighting. Here it offers a REYES based rendering system with all advantages and disadvantages.

The tool is targeted to bigger studios because if you start to light and shade a scene, you will have to use the renderer of the bakery for your scenes.


Relight does not exist any more. My last informations are that some of the main developers are now working for Clarisse. So this relighting and rendering engine is dead, website is not available any more.


Last update: 01.2021

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