This plugin is from the people who created the holomatrix rendition renderer that is availabe for maya for some time. They collected experience there because it could render mentalray scenes without any changes.

SprayTrace is a preview renderer for mentalray, as most other realtime tools it is a progressive renderer. They claim that this renderer is not at all a replacement for mentalray, its only purpose it to give the user a extremly fast preview of the current scene. An very interesting feature is, that if you modify a shader, only the pixels that will be influenced by this shader will be recalculated. And it is a CPU renderer, it is not relying on a special GPU. Have a look at their workflow video, it is really impressive how fast a mentalray scene could be using the right renderer.

Release 1.5 from March 2013:

Spraytrace renders faster that ever before, physical sun and sky immediate updates and finalgathering have a new mode. See it in action in the Holomatrix website, it is really fast.

Current release 1.3:

SprayTrace supports Maya2013 and MentalCore shading. Still impressive, better, it\s more impressive than before. An extremly fast feedback in rendering. Maybe working with mentalray can be fun? Now IBL is supported, subsurface scattering and others.

Current release 1.0.49:

First release. A lot of features are not yet supported, so it cannot really be a complete preview tool. e.g. they do not yet support sss correctly, no subdivs are supported, but who uses them? Fur is not supported, but maya fur is hell anyway.... Fortunatly they have a list of unsupported features, and they are working hardly on it.


There is no sign of SprayTrace or holomatrix rendition anywhere. The website is not available any more and I was unable to find any new informations, email could not be delivered. So I move this to the graveyard.


Last update: 01.2021

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