FStrorm is a GPU plugin renderer for 3dsmax. Developed by Andrey Kozlov, who has some good experience implementing Octane into 3dsmax and other plugins, this seems to be a quite nice still free renderer, a commercial version is planned for automn 2016. It is an unbiased unidirectional pathtracer and uses adaptive sampling to improve speed and quality. A very nice feature is that is has a buit-in scene converter for Octane, Vray or Corona scenes what is extremly helpful if you want to check it out without spending hours in material and light conversions. It already supports a lot of features. Of course it supported interactive rendering. It supportes instancing and proxy geometry. Have a look at the very impressive gallery. Since it does not support out of core rendering, renderings are limited to GPU ram.

They offer a watermarked version what enables you to test the renderer before buying.

An interesting feature is displacment mapping which is not based on geometry tesselation and uses very few GPU ram. Very cool technology if I see how long it takes in other renderers like Arnold or Mentalray to pre-tessalate a highly displaced geometry.


Release 1.2.10:

7 Releases in one year, they are working hard on it. They improved speed, texture and geometry compression on the GPU so that you can render more with the same amount of GPU-ram. Very interesting is e.g. a procedural micor scatch texture for fine scratches e.g. on high glossy surfaces.

Release 1.0.1c:

No much new features compared to the previous version 0.3.8. The step to 1.0.1 implies a large step of innovation, but it seems to be only a step to start selling the product starting with 1.0. Rendering speed is a bit higher, GPU memory management has been improved.



Last update: 01.2021

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