Breaking Bottle

This is my first testscene. This first time it is not too complex because I first have to find the best workflow for my tests. The scene consists of a bottle model which breaks apart. The breakup and simulation is done in Houdini and transferred via alembic. Then in maya I retimed the imported alembic to give it a bit more interesting motion. The rendered movie can be found on Vimeo:



Because most professional 3d tools support the data exchange via alembic, I try to export all informations via alembic and try to import it into standalone renderer or other packages like Houdini.

Features to test with this scene:

Scene downloads:

Alembic file.

Fbx file.

Maya2017 scene for Arnold.

Maya2017 scene for ProRender.

Maya2017 scene for Renderman.

Reviews of the bottle test scene:


Radeon ProRender



Last update: 01.2021

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