About RenderWiki

This website is dedicated to all renders available as native renderers in 3d applications like mentalray in Softimage as a plugin and standalone version how VRay or Arnold offers, or as standalones only like Guerilla Render.

One of the main reasons why we started this website was the lack of information. Once I was responsible for rendering in a small company and we decided to switch to a new render system from the builtin maya renderer. So I had to learn a bit about different renderers and finally we decided to switch to mentalray. Well, it did cost us several months to fix all the problems that occurred because it seemed that we used it exessivly like no other company before. If we had know where the real limits of mentalray are (at the moment) and how to avoid them, we could have saved a huge amount of time. Maybe we would have decided to switch to another renderer that is more appropriate for our special projects, maybe not.

Every renderer has its strengths and weaks. e.g. one is able to render a huge amount of particles like Krakatoa, but nothing else. Another like Maxwell can produce incredible realistic scenes, but as an renderer for an animated movie it would be not the best decision.

Other ones are personal learning projects or programs that are developed by universities. They often offer a new approach to rendering and you can learn a lot from them because for some of them the source code is available.

If you have any hints, new infos on renderers or rendermanagers, please dont hesitate to let me know.


Last update: 01.2021

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