Testing Renderers

Testing renderers is a quite tricky task simply because most renderers cannot be compared 1:1. Sometimes they do not support the same feature set, sometimes they use different techniques to achieve the same goal, one may be faster in the calculation of indirect light but lacks detail, other are slower but preserve more small details. Or if you have the same features, but one needs more work to set all the options, which one is better, the one with more control or the one which is faster to set up and less control about a detail?

My main interest is to see how renderers behave in a professionel environment, so I will try to check:

If possible, I will check:

I will try to find a way to minimize the effort to transfer data from Maya to standalone renderers or other 3d packages. All scenes will be made available on the download site so that everyone can test it an give me some hints how to improve rendertime or image quality.


Last update: 01.2021

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