appleseed is a modern, physically-based renderer developed by the VFX and rendering nutjobs of Jupiter Jazz and ultimately targeted at production rendering. It is released as open source under the MIT license. More info in the About page.

The development is continous and they implement new features. It has a complete set of python bindings. A very promising renderer.

Release 1.5.0-beta

The responsiveness of inteactive renderer has been improved. The team introduced the creation of parametric surfaces like sphere, plane and torus. Environment transforms are supported. OSL now allows UDIM texture definitions and subsurface shader has been improved.

Release 1.4.0-beta

Support for arbitrary nested dielectrics with user selectable priorities. Some new BSDF's have been added: Sheen, glossy, metal and glass. OSL has some new closures.

Release 1.2.0-beta

A lot has changded in the last two years. They now have implemented OpenShadingLanguage (OSL) what offers a complete shading node system. Basic hair support is available. The Disney Material is implemented with layering.

Release 1.1.0 alpha-17

Motionblur improved, Preetham and Hosek


Last update: 01.2021

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