February 2017

01.February: Abvent released Artlantis 6.5. AMD's free RadeonPro renderer has been updated to version

December 2016

11. December: 3dsMax GPU renderer FStorm is now released with version 1.0.1c and you can buy it for only 20 Euros per month. NVidia finally released mentalray for Maya. No new features, it is still the 3.14 but you can download it and use it for free for still images and UI renderings.

November 2016

29. November: Guerilla Render released version 1.4.1.

27. November: Added a review for the new Renderman21 with my bottle scene.

20. November: Pixar released the NonCommercial version of Renderman 21. Nvidia finally released version 3.14 of mentalray for maya with similiar conditions as Arnold. Insydium released the first commercial Cycles spinoff for Cinema4d. Chaos Group released VRay for Revit.

06. November: I added a first review with my bottle scene of AMD's beta version of ProRender.

02. November: Chaos Group releases a small update for the Maya VRay plugin. It now supports VRScans, Chaos Group's own maeasured material system.

01. November: Act-3d releases Lumion 7 with some nice new features like translucent materials.

October 2016

25. October: Marmoset reveals Marmoset Toolbag 3.0 which will be available in late November with some exciting new features.

24. October: I finally was able to start the testing area in the RenderWiki. I will create scenes and try to render it with different renderers to see how they behave during setup and rendering. The very first scene is a breaking bottle scene. There are downloads for you so that you can try it yourself and give me some hints in case I write complete nonsense. 

11. October: Render Legion released Corona 1.5 for 3dsmax with a great lightmixer tool to change lights after rendering. NextLimit releases Maxwell 4.

09. October: AAA Studio releases Furryball RT 1.4 with an implementation of Arnolds aiStandard shader. Chaos Group added a VRay version of the famous alSurface shaders. The Appleseed team released version 1.5.0-beta.

September 2016

25. September: Added a new entry for GPU 3dsmax plugin renderer FStorm.

05. September: Added some new entries for proprietary renderers: Hyperion, Manuka, Glimpse.

04. September: Added new entry for nXt Renderer, a plugin for AutoCAD and same engine but other names for SketchUp and Revit.

August 2016

24. August: ChaosGroup uptaded the maya plugin for Maya2017.

20. August: NextLimit announced Maxwell 4.0 with GPU support. Added a new entry for Owlet from Boxshot.

16. August: Added a new entry for vd-3d.

14. August: Inreal Technologies released version Enscape 1.6. Added the cloud based GPU engine OneRender.

05. August: Added Amd's OpenSource pathtracer ProRender for 3dsMax (Maya and others are in development).

July 2016

30. July: Autodesk releases Maya 2017 with built-in renderer Arnold. SolidAngle, creators of Arnold, releases MaxToA, Max to Arnold. Maxon released Cinema4d 18.

21. July: Isotropix releases Clarisse 3.0.

18. July: Pixar released Renderman 21.

17. July: Added some other new entries Arnold, Corona, Enscape and Marmoset Toobag. Started the build of a glossary.

03. July: Switched access of from the old version to this new version. Only a few renderers are online at the moment, but I will add them step by step. I updated so far: 3delight, 3dsmax which can now be installed without mentalray, AIR, Arion, Artlantis, and others.

Added a new entry for FilmEngine, the successor of Cryteks Cinebox. Added a the GPU renderer from Cebas moskito.

September 2015

29. September: After 2 years I moved the database to a new CMS. Step by step I'll add all the renderers and update them to the newest state. Some renderers do not exist any more like ReLight from The Bakery. I removed the compositing section completly and a lot of other completly outdated pages. I hope I can rebuild some with new and updated content.


September 2013

29. September: Added Electric Image Animation System (EIAS). Updated Luxion Keyshot to version 4.1 with some nice new features like cartoon shading and focused caustics. Updated Caustic Visualizer for Maya to version 1.1. Added the renderer interface for freestyle, a system to create NPR images.

22. September: Added a new educational/experimental renderer smallVCM. Updated VRay with information about the OpenBeta of Vray3.0 for 3dsmax. Updated TheaRender to version 1.2 with its new rendering GPU engine called Presto.

21. September: Updated Octane render to 1.2. Added the raytracing visualisation toolkit rtVTK, a collection of tools for analysis and visualisation of raytracing.

20. September: Updated SiTex Graphics AIR to version 13.0. Airstream can now render maya fluids and supports maya 2014. 

19. September: Updated Spectral Studio to new version13a. Updated Furryball to version 4.0. They have a huge amount of new features. Added Cryteks Cinebox as a new renderer. This renderer will change the render world as soon as it will be released. Updated Lagoa to version 1.5. Updated Artlantis to the all new version 5.0. Updated Terragen to version 3.0. Added a new free renderer called fujiyama. It's a very promising but still a bit limited renderer. But it has an API and we can expect to see a maya implementation soon. Added a new free renderer called XRT. It is based on renderman spec and can read rib files.



Last update: 02.2017