Corona is a great product. The team behind it is really good, they have a lot of very efficent and good features. Some minor features like particle rendering as well as hair or volumetric rendering for fluids are still missing, but they will come.


It has a lot of features...

Release 1.5:

This is a larger release. It has some great workflow optimisations post effects and a new interactive lightmix tool. This lightmix tool allows you to manipulate light intensities and colors after rendering.  It is similiar to Maxwells multilight tool. It enables you to quickly change the mood of your renderings and it is a real gamechanger if your do architectural or design indoor renderings. This way you can show your client different settings within a fraction of the usual time.

The corona material has been updated in a way it matches very much better from other physically based tools like Substance Painter or Designer. The builtin framebuffer now can render glare, vignettes or bloom effects which reduces the need of other post effect software. It is now possible to load LUT's. And finally they introduced a new distance shader which can be used to shade objects depending on the distance to other objects.

Release 1.4:

Denoising is faster, the proprietary framebuffer now has a history and you can compare images, adaptive image sampling now focuses automatically on tricky image areas.

Release Alpha4:

Motionblur is supported, micro triangle displacement, bokeh effect. New in Alpha4 are new virtual framebuffers, different ways for caustics calculation


Last update: 10.2016