Colimo presents a very impressive workflow. It is a great interactive approach to product presentation. Have a look at the presentation movies. Colimo is somewhat special because its is a little bit a combination of 3d and compositing. It gets special channels which allow the manipulation of the final rendered image. Something similiar is possible with Maxwell. e.g. you can modify and change textures, surface colors and other attributes. So it is possible to turn on and off single lights, and the effects will updates immediatly. It is a great tool if the scene is complete and rendered, but your client needs some fast changes like: Oh I don't like this image in the background, please switch to something from Picasso.

Colimo does not use 3d geometry. It only exports with renderer plugins the informations it needs. So it does not to have manipulate real 3d data but the prerendered results. But how it is done is impressive.

Release 1.8:

Only small bugfixes for export with 3dsmax and improved VRay support. Well, beginning with year 2019 still no update, maybe the software is dead.

Release 1.7:

Colimo adds Vray as a renderer, what means that vray now supports Colimo.

Release 1.4:

Only a few minor features and updated are in this release.



Last update: 01.2021

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